Where is Nagaland Headed? – Mhalo Ngulie, Asst. Professor, Dept. of English

Recently, we saw the penalty meted out to a rape offender in Meluri, Phek, creating a huge debate on the degree of punishment imposed. All over the world, when people are wounded, we become protective of our own and enforce measures that sometimes lead to the cost of another’s life. Is this right or wrong? Are we making the right judgment call? These are questions that plague us as they directly impact the kind of state we create for ourselves. Similarly, in Nagaland, looking back at our history and culture and comparing it with the lives we lead today, there are moments we must question exactly where Nagaland is headed today.   
Where is Nagaland Headed?

I have read about the origin of the ‘Nagas’, the root from where I have originally come. People from different states, different colours have raised issues on its origin. Here, I’m not concerned with how, why, or where we are from, but how we lived in the earlier times. Despite modernism, the mechanism in our life, a Naga family was a happy family (in general). We were illiterate, but not narrow minded, we were always ready to protect our loved ones and by that we mean every Naga. No doubt, we were head-hunters but that is long forgotten. We fought against giant obstacles in our society in unity. Brotherhood, love, peace, unity, appreciation and humanity were all so known to each and every Naga. The question is do we still acquire all these in our blood? It pains me when I move around and see people repairing the walls to confine themselves from being loved by others. I don’t see people wavering around for help. I no longer see a person appreciating another person for his/her good deeds. Where is the good land of brothers flocking together joyously? Where is the land of love where foreigners came and envied the intensity of our relationships? Why can’t we feel the presence of belongingness anymore? Has anything changed? Or has it been the same since the beginning?

There is chaos everywhere, in individual lives, family and society. Relationships are no longer based on trust nor is there any kindness left in our society. They say that we don’t have a definite origin, a long time subject of debate and research. Why has this differentiation risen amongst us after all these years of good bond? What is the reason behind this uncertainty in our society? The society where I grew up was a place of bliss where people never cared for the lengthy roads. Nagaland was a simple and humble circle where there was no beginning and an end, but where everyone participated to fill this circle. But now people here are less human and more like machines engrossed in materialism. We are now fighting with each other to win the game. Fame is all we are after and filling up our treasure has become our end. There isn’t any protection from our brothers but insecurity has made us timid. We are now scared of darkness, of the filthy hands that are eager to touch and defile our morality. Day light no more brings us strength, but we are woken up by the news of slaughter and bloodshed around our land. Brothers are killing their own brothers over issues such as wealth, land, property, etc. Sisters are rebelling against their own sisters for some unworthy thing. The old are no more our ‘wise old man’ when we used to gather and take their advice, but they are being thrown from the society. I wonder since when the word ‘Dalit’ entered our sweet land.

We have become so blind to neglect all this chaos in our land. It’s time we shake ourselves and see the evils encircling our land. It is now the time to break the chain of social, political and emotional evils from our lives. Remember that the right time will not come to us, but we should make the time right for us. It is time we unite to gather all the lost dignity. We should strive to bring back the joy in our peoples’ lives. We should learn to appreciate others when they do something good, instead of envying them. Being kind has been gifted to us from above so we should not hesitate to help others. We should not stop ourselves from being good. We can still gain back the peace that we all are yearning for. We have been far away from the land of good but there is still, for sure, the scent of goodness lingering around our land. Though things have changed, though we are against each other, yet we all are still ‘Nagas’ and we have the ability to reunite and make this barren land ‘Nagaland’ once again. This is to each section of Nagaland and not to a particular race. We might have come from different lands, we might have different origins, but when you decided to come and live with us, you became a part of our sweet land. And it is now left to us; it is now the duty of each and everyone to make this part of earth a sweeter and better land to live on.

“For we are all pieces of art which when brought together can make a fine art”.
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  1. Your post is very much appreciated, and it is true that we are being so much influenced by people that we have forgotten our own identities and culture.


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