Do we need Prohibition of Liquor in Nagaland – P. Jonglio Khiamniungan, B.A. 3rd Year

There are many times we turn a blind eye – for example, when a family member uses unfair means to get a job or we condone corrupt practices which directly benefit us. Likewise, we continue to uphold the law on prohibition while ignoring the abundance of alcohol in functions, wedding parties, or even in some paan shops. The hypocrisy has led to many articles and debate topics on the issue since it was first enforced and has brought about many different viewpoints. 

This week, generation “Y” has a say

Do we need Prohibition of Liquor in Nagaland?
Prohibition of liquor is the legal Act of prohibiting the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. In Nagaland, I believe we need prohibition of liquor as it has become like a disease; bearing numerous ill effects. It does not only poison one’s life but affects the political, social, economic, spiritual, moral and educational standards of a society. Nagaland is one of the states in India where liquor or alcohol is legally banned. The government of Nagaland passed the liquor prohibition in 1989. The prohibition bill has in some ways helped in removing the glittering liquor shops from our towns and the drunken brawls that were noisily located in busy streets and the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has also taken the initiative in upholding the prohibition Act. However, the prohibition has not fully succeeded in preventing our people from drinking alcohol and the debate is now whether it should be lifted  from the land or not .
Alcohol or liquor consumption has become a disease in the Naga society where the victims include both genders of all ages. I would like to highlight the disadvantages of alcohol and liquor consumption.

1.      Alcohol hinders the spiritual life of a person. Nagaland as we know is a Christian state but the inhabitants consume liquor in abundance, which strongly contradicts the Bible. Alcohol is one of the greatest enemies of man and destroys the family.
1stCorinthians 6:10 says, “No drunkards shall enter the kingdom of Heaven. No thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortionists shall inherit the kingdom of God”.
The Bible condemns liquor drinking: 
Leviticus 10:9 “Do not drink wine nor strong drink”.
Proverbs 20:21 “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging”.
Proverbs 23:21 “The drunkards shall come to poverty’.

Thus, from the spiritual point of view it clearly indicates that one should avoid drinking alcohol to inherit the kingdom of god.
2.      Political: From the political point of view, it leads to all sorts of corruption, especially during election. Voters are being bought by a bottle of liquor by the candidates and allies.
3.   Economic: Alcohol consumption leads to low standards of living as the father or the bread earner in the family succumbs to this evil vice. Ultimately, it obstructs development in the society as it leads to less contribution from the members towards the society. 
4.   Health problems: It is a slow poison where the consumer suffers from multiple health problems such as – kidney failure, damaged cerebellum, liver and eventually kills the victim. It leads to severe asthmatic attacks, high blood pressure problems, heart attacks, cancer and other chronic ailments in the long run. Consumption of alcohol is not only harmful for one’s health but also the entire environment. There are millions suffering from alcohol abuse in the world and they are increasing in numbers day by day. One may get temporary pleasure out of it, but it gradually leads to mental and physical dependency on alcohol and addiction.
5.      Social Problems – It leads to many social problems like divorce, infidelity, rape, different forms of abuse, molestation, verbal and physical abuse etc.
Especially among students, it hampers academic achievement. Students are unable to concentrate on their studies and other related activities which affects their academic performance.

Unless the policy makers and law enforcers are serious and committed to the Bill, it will never succeed. However, in the present scenario, we find that many of them also actively consume alcohol. Despite being the lawmakers, they seem to have no intention of abiding by it themselves.

Sometimes in life we have to relentlessly pursue our objectives regardless of failure simply because doing them is right. All of this is possible only when the world comes together for a common cause. I believe the government organizations need to put in a greater concerted effort to eliminate this dirty habit from the root.
Steps should be taken up by the government organization or leaders of the state to bring discipline in the society and peace and order in our state. The society cannot progress in an undisciplined environment. There will be chaos and confusion in the society if things are not organized in a proper way. It is with the implementation of laws that the animal instinct in human beings is controlled. It is essential to impart knowledge of laws.
So far, due to the lack of implementation of laws in our society, we witness corruption in every nook and corner of our state.  Nagaland, as a Christian state needs to be controlled and disciplined. According to the act, dry state should be strictly prohibited. Despite our motto of Nagaland for Christ, every morning in newspaper we read so many IMFL cases. It is illegal in Nagaland, yet many exploit the alcoholic by smuggling in alcohol and selling them at exorbitant rates. While they may become rich, these alcohol dealers are abetting slow death among users, besides putting their families in untold misery. These black alcohol dealers are indeed some of the worst criminals in our society who are destroying people’s life as long as they get their money. The idea of revoking the total prohibition is unthinkable. It will instead provoke people to fall into graver situations.

In conclusion, I would like to cite that a growing and developing state like Nagaland needs to prohibit liquor in every possible way in order to improve our life in particular and our development in general. Let us commit ourselves to freeing our homes, streets, markets, offices, work place, villages and towns from the evils of liquor.
Winning Essay of the Degree Level Essay Competition held during Tetso Autumn Fest 2013

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