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Keneisedeu Mezhu

Our world needs passionate, intelligent, courageous, and optimistic people like never before. People who not only know what to do but also know how to show others how to be the change the world needs. Will you be the change?

Want to See Change? Be the Best You Can Be

Countless of times we’ve come across and been moved on the strength of this quote by Mohandas Gandhi. Many might have quoted, cited, coached or even directed it. This very quote when pondered deeply reflects the idea that ‘whatever changes you would like to effect in our society has to begin with you.’

If we observe, there is a possibility that we may get tired of the meaninglessness of this world, the peripheral interactions, the conversations that don’t go anywhere, and the charity exchanges that could have been better. Mediocrity seems to be everywhere, and it is disappointing. However, the answer to the problem is within us. At the end of the day, it’s up to those who feel the mediocrity and lack of heart in this world to change it. The more you feel what is missing, the more responsible you are for doing something about it.

Understanding one’s potential and purpose in life has been a major issue for many of the students or youth in our society, so when the idea of ‘Change’ emerges; many tend to hide away thinking they aren’t capable of handling it! We all must believe that we are all responsible for the society we are in. Talking about ‘Change’, it starts with ‘YOU’, the change from within. ‘YOU’ have to change, for the fact lies there ‘we can’t change others; we can only change ourselves.’ And I assure it’s not an easy road, it has never been easy for anyone nor will it be for anyone. For me, I had self-esteem issues when speaking in front of people or expressing my ideas or views, or writing-because I had always feared misinterpretation of my words and ideas. However, the desire to step out of that fear kept going and has reached to you through this writing, and this is one of the changes I had within. Change is a transformation that lies in becoming the better version of yourself than yesterday – bringing out what you want to see. We tend to think that we see the world objectively. But the truth is, the world we see is the world we are creating. We are always creating some kind of atmosphere – good or not so good. For example, if you were to walk into a room in a fierce rage, and start yelling at everyone and swinging a stick around, what would you see? You would see a lot of frightened people; and you would get the impression that it’s a frightened world out there. You could even take a picture of it, and prove to people that the world is full of frightened people. But in all of that, you never bothered to ask: WHY? Why are you seeing so many frightened people? Similarly, if you spend time with somebody who’s in a black mood, that will likely make you feel bad, too. So, what will that person see? A whole lot of people in a bad mood — just like them! That’s what a black mood does. Even dullness creates an influence, like – one yawn, everyone yawns! If you want to bring out the best in others, it is your duty to bring out the best of you. You be yourself and so people can be themselves with you. You be sincere, and you create an environment where people can be sincere back. The only possible way for people around you likely to change is if you change. Somebody’s always got to start the fire or get the ball rolling. Otherwise everything remains still and nothing changes. You have got to let it all hang out.

All of these may sound great and make sense – but what about the sense of insecurity that keeps bugging you there? Insecurity about your ability to cite your sincerity on others, or even to be sincere to yourself. The only way to fix your ‘not good enough’ reasoning is to understand that you are a performer on a stage. Whatever your mood may be, whatever obstacles or troubles may exist, when it’s time to perform, you have to be over it as soon as you step in the stage – otherwise there’s nothing cause to be visible. That’s the only way for you to be in a troupe. The accustomed question we get is: “Why should I live, when there’s nothing around me that lives?” to which the result is: ‘The person never lives, because they are waiting for something that won’t happen.’ So for a better way, one better ask the question the other way around: “How can there be any life around me if I am dead?” That’s the way your existence works. You live, it lives. You die, it dies. Nothing will ever change until and unless somebody stand out and take the initiative, and makes it happen.

Therefore the thoughts of Gandhi or any other inspirational figures or dreamers of beautiful dreams; which has kept us coming this far – we should believe that we are in an era where we can reinvent ourselves whenever we choose. Part of their complexities, politics, grasp of the absolute arduousness of change; stand before us today. They are gleaming from their makeovers, and want us to know that we can have them all.

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