Value Youth! – Heninle Magh, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce

HSLC and HSSLC NBSE results are out! And so is the race for admissions and choosing the right place and institute, where our youth will be guided and shaped into the right kind of future we want for our society. This is why making the right choice and knowing the important responsibility of youths is so important. We need to work together with our youth to figure out what our society needs. Let’s value youth.

                                                            Value Youth! 
The youth of today are the future of tomorrow and this has been stressed upon many times. They are the driving force which can mould the nation for a better tomorrow. Many organizations, NGOs, associations, and institutions have been consistently working to empower the youth for the development of the society in turn changing the nation. However, unless the mindset of the youths is set in the right direction, no amount of outside work that is being instilled will harvest a good yield.
Swami Vivekananda, a great philosopher and saint, had immense belief in the potential of the youth. He described the period of youth as “incalculable and indescribable”. He believed that youth life is the most precious life and it is the best time.  The way in which we utilize this period will decide the nature of coming years that lie ahead of us.  He says that our happiness, our success, our honour, and our good name all depend upon the way in which we spend our youth. Hence, it is essential for us to realise the importance of our youth years and give our best.
We live in a realm blessed with different indigenous communities, cultures and festivals, and no matter what people have called this place, hidden somewhere on the face of the earth, Nagaland has always remained a demographic dividend for the youth. Astonishingly, in the past few years the government and various other NGOs and organizations has come up with some brilliant ideas to make youths participate in various developmental activities and awareness programmes. VLOG Street Fitness, Project 72 Hrs, voluntary contributions from different churches across the state, Young Indians (Yi), Youth Net, and even the Directorate of Youth Resources and Sports are all dedicated to facilitating opportunities to the youth. They focus on all round youth development and conduct youth festivals, adventure programmes, and outdoor learning programmes, awareness campaign, sensitization programmes, etc. In my opinion, this helps them (the youths) believe in themselves, and thus spreads hope through positive living, learning, and leading.
We have heard some stories about successful people who exclaim that they couldn’t have done it without that one or more special person. The contributions by these various organizations for the society will be remembered and acknowledged by the present and upcoming generations.
Youths have the collective power to influence leaders and change the world. The emotions, openness, understanding, and sensibilities of the younger generation are quite different from the older generation. But it is not wrong to say that the present generation has certain deficiencies as well. To ensure that they are moving in the right path and that they do not stay in a deep slumber of complacency, proper education should be given to strengthen and mould a youth’s mindset; learning not just through books but an education that makes one logical, open-minded, self-respecting, responsible, and honest.
In this fast moving media-oriented culture, the world is full of choices. Different generations have different needs and interests. Parents should not equate the success of their children with getting a government job. Waiting to be hired by the government is another contributing factor towards unemployment. The world is moving on and there is immense scope even in the private sector. 
The current scenario in our state is such that the youth have multiple degrees but still cannot find work that pays enough to sustain a decent lifestyle. Perhaps to a great extent, corruption is to blame, and this creates failure in the job market leading to unemployment. This in turn often triggers anger, depression, and frustration. But looking at the situation through an optimistic viewpoint, this dark scenario provokes the youth and in some ways makes them eager to bring about a change in the society. The youth are the powerhouse of the nation and if harnessed in a proper way, the nation can reach untold heights.
In December 2012, a girl was brutally gang raped in a moving bus in New Delhi. This left her critically injured and she was battling for life. Enraged by this, the youth organised a massive protest outside the Rashtrapati Bhawan and Parliament of India demanding a safer society for women and stricter laws against rapists. Similar protests followed throughout India, bringing India to international attention. This put pressure on the Government and laws regarding rape were amended so as to ensure speedy justice. The youth have massive power, and can positively affect the society, if properly channelled. In Nagaland, our roads are deplorable, LPG is often overpriced, there’s shortage of electricity, and results of students are sometimes delayed. Is there a way our youth can work together to address these issues? This I believe would be a rather productive use of the youth force. It’s not just about having meetings and fests; the role of the youth goes a long way.
To conclude on a positive note, I have to say that I am really impressed with the Dreams Unlimited Production.  Dreams Unlimited is a theatre and film production group based in Nagaland which often makes videos about the youth. Most of us will be familiar with their name and their short film The Demand (Part 1 and Part 2). In the film we see that a youth is tempted into evil ways. However, towards the end, the good triumphs over evil. It makes me hopeful, that better days are to come, and that the youth of Nagaland will be able to bring about a positive change. What I feel and want to convey to the present generation is that the decision you make today will have an impact on your tomorrow. Let’s make the right choices!

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