No Time To Waste – Toshimenla Ao, B.A. 2nd Semester

So, Students, How are you spending your time? Finally, exams are over and students must be celebrating the end of it. Going out and having fun might be all the rage now, but at the end of the day, that’s not what will get you by in life. This is probably the most ideal time, especially for students, to do something productive with your free time. Whether you’re a student, an employee or unemployed, time is always precious. A student reminds us that in life, there’s no time to waste. For those about to join college here’s a sneak peek into what could await you from our very own student experiencing the new University system at Tetso College.

When civilisation dawned upon humanity ages ago, life undertook a revolutionary change. Mankind has entered a new era of concept and luxuries. Today, one’s life is much easier, comfortable and safe. We are now living in an age of computers, robots, insats and atomic energy. The computers behave similar to the human mind. But this heaven lies only for those who work hard and keep themselves busy in every walk of life. The society itself is obsessed with being busy. It is not worth living for the ideals in this fast changing world.

To compete in this competitive world, the first priority that an individual should possess is to have self-respect, which is the power to do hard work with concentration of the human mind. On the other hand, it is the sole way of improving the character of a nation as well. When a person keeps himself busy, there is no chance of entertaining any evil thoughts in his mind, which is why a hard working person never falls into the trap of evil doers.

Coming to the most important aspect – students. We, as students, should not be idle. Of course, college life is hectic and full of events and activities. One moment there are art and literary competitions then you have sports meets, as you struggle to balance your project work. Apart from this, there are also conferences and seminars where time needs to be spent studying and attending lectures. Therefore, it is very important that we students know how to balance our lives and make our college experience more enjoyable.

Learning can be fun when one tries to do one’s best. Interacting with intelligent teachers, updating oneself on current events, acing a test or exam can be exhilarating at times. We have to read a lot more in college but through reading, we also learn why people like Einstein, Marx and Tagore are so famous. There are many kinds of books which may cater to varied tastes. Books are of different kinds, depending upon the person who reads them. If you are a regular reader then through your learning, you are probably more disciplined and not as lazy.

I think the education system of Nagaland in the present scenario is tremendously improving in both academics such as curriculum, syllabus, teaching and learning etc. and also vocational skills training like computers, music and more. I don’t think students have as much free time as before, if they were to really study. There are so many classes to attend, projects and assignments to complete. However, at the same time there are countless distractions in the form of watching T.V, browsing net, social activities like – playing games and sports, doing household work. I feel students are also very busy people with hectic schedules.

On the other hand, there are many students who waste their time. They don’t study as much or fail to pursue their academics seriously. Perhaps they are misled by their home, family environment, elders, society etc. What is sad is that some of these people might turn out to be criminals or rejects in society and resort to crime. As a student, I also feel, having the right group of friends circle is very important. We meet all kinds of people in school and college, some that influence us both in a positive and negative way. Therefore, choosing friends we can relate to, gain support and learn from is important for us all.   

I would like to encourage everyone to be active and work hard during their student life, and have positive competition. Being active and busy automatically makes us broadminded. It trains us to think on a higher level. I believe, the word “civilized” plays an appropriate role in our lives and is a reflection on the way we lead our lives and our time meaningfully. Busy and hardworking people will almost always render Yeoman’s service in the society. When one has experienced a hard-working and busy life, then the experience changes him, he learns more and his personality changes accordingly. Success would turn him into a role model to be an inspiration to others.

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