Believe in Being the Best – Asani Eshena, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management

“To be a great Champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are”- Muhammad Ali

Believe in Being the Best 

In this world of 7.6 billion of the populace on Earth, there would be scarcely any being who does not want to be successful. Success is something which everyone craves and yearns for but it does not come easily. Daily, we witness and encounter a number of people who work hard and strive for success. Today we live in a globalized and competitive era, where only the best survive and win. Indeed, success does not come easily. Though it’s hard, people go through it because success is truly the zest of life. We really have to work hard, shed tears and sweat, go through thick and thin, hardships, turmoil and what not. But one aspect of success which is consistently required the most for any given field is to believe in YOU. You want to live a really successful life- Start believing in yourself first!


Take the example of any successful person and see whether or not they achieved success without believing in themselves. The successful people have their own story to proclaim, but those of us who are yet to succeed there are few thoughts I want to catechize on. How many of us are striving for, de facto? Are we giving our best shot? Did we genuinely try enough? What is it that we are lacking? What more can I do to reach the highest level?  We come from different backgrounds, castes, creed, tribes, preferences and ethnicity yet we all have something in common; something which no one can take away from us and that is our ‘determination’. Your determination to achieve and become someone very successful is possible only when you start believing yourself.
Success is never an “easy to win” kind of thing, it had never been. We’ve often heard of exhilarating and stimulating promises about how easy success is. However, easy success isn’t what any of us need. It’s inconclusive. Instead, what you need more than an easy win is to know how to fight. And that is “real success”.  On one extreme you need the gut to take risks. At the other end, you need courage and tenacity despite any failures. You are going to struggle and it will be challenging. Finding your way and making it through will no doubt be strenuous and arduous. But down that road you’re learning how to stay in that fight and that is, in fact, the whole point. As long as you believe and keep fighting, you’re winning.
“Nothing is Impossible because the term ‘impossible’ itself says that I M possible” is a very common catchphrase we often hear. Sounds silly? I actually found this really worth contemplating. Let’s comprehend it for a minute. Yes, why not. Nothing is impossible for us if we put our minds to it. The discoveries and inventions were not something that people could’ve imagined until it was brought about. “Believe in yourself and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard and there is nothing you cannot accomplish” Brad Henry. It doesn’t matter what conviction others have for you and what they consider desirable. It also doesn’t matter if people think you can or you can’t. If you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, then ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. It’s never too late to try and the only person who can pull you down is YOU-It’s just you. Mahatma Gandhi rightly quoted, “If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning”. This is the challenge I place before you today. Can you stand to fight for your dreams? Yes, you can. You will. We are gifted impartially by our loving God.
It is said that the human mind is the most powerful tool we own: it can be either very productive or destructive. This is the root cause of our successes and failures. When things become tough we start stressing and worrying that we cannot make it through and the worst of all is imagining the negative what if’s? We’ve heard so many testimonies and chronicles of rags to riches. Are we not motivated yet? If they can, why not us? What are we waiting for? Sometimes the disparity in whether you succeed or don’t, come down to one lucid thing – BELIEVING IN YOURSELF. If you don’t really believe that you can do it, you are not going to give your best endeavour and without it your probability of achieving your goal decreases. A strong belief in oneself brings so many benefits.


If you are going to start believing in yourself, it is you who must make the call and make the change. One cannot expect others to make you believe in yourself. Life is a collection of experiences. There will good as well as bad ones. Why only cherish the good ones, the bad ones too have their own lessons to teach us. Embrace them because we learn out of it. We live only once so can we afford to let that one life go in vain? The life that we live is too beautiful to let it go wasted without achieving our dreams. Never forget that you are your own hero. There won’t be someone to come and save you unless you make your mind to save yourself. Your success depends on how badly you want and strive for it.  Even at your toughest times let your inner voice whisper “I believe in myself”; “there is nothing I can’t do if I fully commit myself”; and “I am a champion”. Let the power of unwavering belief in yourself not die but keep it alive and you can do so much with it. The steadfast belief that you have for yourself will make you achieve the share of success you want in life. 

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