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A Better Individual for a Better Society – Zujanbeni M Lotha, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology


No one is perfect, but we can all be better. We’ve all made mistakes that don’t exactly bring out the best light in us, but it’s how we move forward that matters. And while it’s also easy to get caught up in all the distractions going on, we need to instead focus on the ways we can improve to make a positive impact in our own communities. What we say and do, and how we say and do it, affects everyone else around us. By improving ourselves, we also help to improve the lives of others.

A Better Individual for a Better Society

Change is a fact of human life. Social Environment does not shape a person first, people shape their environment. The environment gets better or worse depending on its people, towards creating a conducive living. This can be understood by studying types of traits possessed by people with changing times. No doubt structural changes are advancing. An individual has his/her self constructive or destructive which takes its own course in actions and thoughts, having a chain reaction. When Change is a common topic, it needs to be practically applied by everyone for positive results. Peoples’ desire for improvement and betterment creates a healthy, nourishing environment. An individual resides in a social realm and is interconnected with another being.

We are not born with fixed habits. They are learned and unlearned as one grows up. Minimize unhealthy habits to maximize social happiness. Only when I am better I can improve the social relationship. To see improvement it is not required to be physically fit, but how to be better inside out. We are always on the lookout for better job, technology, fashion but we fail to look in for a better self. Externally as we compete among ourselves in terms of higher status, position, respect, internally within self also we need to compete to be the better person than yesterday. Take life to the next level with courage and willingness to adopt new changes, polishing good habits for better. It is not needed every time to compare with others to evaluate one’s progress as there are differences in opinions, lifestyles, environment, approaches, and abilities. This will only lead to relative individual deprivation, weigh you down and make you feel worthless. Instead create better objectives, habits for oneself than before, not necessarily setting the highest goal and see how we are adapting to it.

Before we think of introducing big changes, start by doing the basic things right on which we are grounded. Constantly alerting oneself, not just a few seconds thought and think no more. To be a better individual is to do a regular examination of one’s habits as for the well-being of our physical health. With multiple roles to perform in several areas, one needs to keep a check wherever change is required. Within one’s capacity, push oneself to be better in work, personality, aligning with the ideal social standards. For this one need to compare oneself with the past self and work out for the better kind of you. Working out for the better self is challenging which involves self-evaluation, making life-changing decisions. Yet the journey will be enjoyed if one does out of interest and employ individualized learning rather than involuntary compulsion.

Look for things one can be better in any area of life. One can be a better child, a better parent, a better employee of commonality overriding a sense of discord and a better member of one’s community. A better human to others around who are lost to terror. Carry an altruistic attitude by always having the best purpose in our doings without expectation in return. Eco-friendly when our world is wasting away, the damage being done to it day after day. Add a new taste by being considerate of others in our plans, to minimize division and invite cohesiveness. Remember to treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. This rule of reciprocity will attract more of the same. Be eager to work together, evade narrow-mindedness to heal many wounded social relationships. Choosing to be at peace with others will win us a crown of favor. These simple practices which are not outwardly recognized will produce a positive impact in the society.

Changes applied to external agencies alone will not prosper the living condition. Only directing change on others are an incomplete project. Forming norms and standards for mere existence is meaningless unless members diligently observe and preserve. Every individual or majority’s mindset and habits shape the condition of one’s social environment. A small good habit which we inculcate or re-work goes a long way as somewhere someone gets motivated by that little change. Since habits make who we are, learning to develop better habits will make us a better individual. It is not a struggle to become a better person of someone but a better version of the old self.

As humans, we are a constant work in progress. Any amount of effort spent on making oneself better is not wasted. We are simply creating a happier world. The world cannot be changed at once and by big things alone. Every small habit we change for the better by every individual is a retrieval beacon for the eroding society. Good thoughts drive one’s actions, and design good quality of life. Selfless sharing of good thoughts, wisdom, and past stories along with acceptance from others, while learning good things from others can make way for a fairer and enduring world. Let us endeavour to be a better individual authentically and not to cement just to be accepted by others or for the sake of others; but make an effort to create and maintain a quality environment that is supportive and constructive. For a better society, individuals have to be better first. Whether to be free or in control is our choice.

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