What is the Craze for Government jobs all about? – Amenla Jamir, Asst. Professor, Dept of Education

Amenla Jamir

The attraction and lure of government jobs in our Naga society is extremely huge. People are reluctant to take up anything much other than government jobs. But what could be the reasons for this? Societal pressure, lack of attractive alternatives, inclination towards the traditional employment sector or fear of venturing into new fields could be some reasons for this. Perhaps, it is time that we start looking beyond for other opportunities and alternatives to overcome the unemployment issues in our State.

What is the Craze for Government jobs all about?

I was travelling through a local taxi a few months back, sitting in the front enjoying the dusty and bumpy ride through Assam road. My taxi driver happened to be a middle-aged man from my own tribe and came across as someone who loves to talk. Our conversation began, and as a part of a typical Naga conversation, he asked about my profession, to which I replied that I am in a teaching profession. His next question was Private or Government? In my mind, I was like here we go again but out of courtesy I had to reply, I told him that I am working in a private institution. Then came the mother of all questions that is always there in the mind of our beloved Naga parents. His literal words in my dialect, “Na government job mebushir na? Exam makatsür na?”(Are you not searching for government jobs, are you not writing any exams?). This is not the first time that I am being asked these questions and surely not the last time. This question made me ponder again on the craze of government job among the Naga people particularly our elders. It’s not for the lack of trying that more than 70,000(2016 survey) Nagas are not employed and by employed I mean government jobs.

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Want to See Change? Be the Best You Can Be – Keneisedeu Mezhu, B.A 2ND Sem, Pol Science Hons

Keneisedeu Mezhu

Our world needs passionate, intelligent, courageous, and optimistic people like never before. People who not only know what to do but also know how to show others how to be the change the world needs. Will you be the change?

Want to See Change? Be the Best You Can Be

Countless of times we’ve come across and been moved on the strength of this quote by Mohandas Gandhi. Many might have quoted, cited, coached or even directed it. This very quote when pondered deeply reflects the idea that ‘whatever changes you would like to effect in our society has to begin with you.’

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Degree of Thought - GST

GST’s Impact on Higher Education – Amar Ranjan Dey, HoD, Department of Commerce & Management

Amar Ranjan Dey

In India, education is provided both by public as well as private sectors. The exemption under GST has been granted for pre-schools till higher secondary education. Since universities and other advanced educational institutions have not been mentioned in the exception list, 18% GST is expected to be levied on this. Weighing the pros and cons of GST, this week’s writer takes a closer look at its impact in the Higher Education sector.

GST’s Impact on Higher Education

Goods and Service Tax popularly known as GST is becoming a two year old baby at the end of June this year, after its implementation on 1st July, 2017 by the Government of India. Both Direct Tax and Indirect Tax accumulates the sources of revenue for the Government. Continue reading →

Degree of Thought

Choices after class 10: Commerce Stream – Monjit Roy, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce

Degree of Thought - Monjit Roy

The commerce stream after completion of class 10 is quite a popular choice in India, as most students feel that the stream offers them a wide arena of career options to pursue after class12, that would bring them both success as well as financial security easily. With this demand from students, commerce education has changed manifold. After India embraced the liberalization, privatization and globalization policy the dynamics of the business world has changed and therefore, the education system that strives to provide the quality workforce to the changing environment of business and commerce must also undergo revolutionary changes.

Choices after class 10: Commerce Stream

True education is not awareness of facts, but of ethics. It leads us to the realism of life and endurance of the human pursuit. The world is shifting at a very high-speed. Globalization, liberalization, and privatization had an impact on commerce education as well. Writing on commerce has been reviewed on the basis of papers presented in All India Commerce Conferences and also on the papers in print in refereed journals.

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One Man, One Vote, One Value – Heninle Magh, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Commerce

Heninle Magh

Nagaland needs good leaders, leaders that do not need to pay people to call them leaders. Yet, to change the vicious cycle of money and muscle power, everyone needs to participate in the system, through ethical and informed voting. Clean election is a collective social responsibility that begins individual by individual.


One Man, One Vote, One Value

A state’s development is seen through the efficiency of a leader which people elect to lead the state into the future ethical and informed voting.
It has been observed that many people seem confused with the word “ethic,” confused not in terms of the meaning but in terms of its application. We hear of corruption that takes place in that same office where leaders and bureaucrats work who make speeches on work ethic, development and a state free of corruption. One cannot overlook corruption that exists in every nook and corner of the State which reaches its zenith during the election time.

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Degree of Thought

A Better Individual for a Better Society – Zujanbeni M Lotha, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology


No one is perfect, but we can all be better. We’ve all made mistakes that don’t exactly bring out the best light in us, but it’s how we move forward that matters. And while it’s also easy to get caught up in all the distractions going on, we need to instead focus on the ways we can improve to make a positive impact in our own communities. What we say and do, and how we say and do it, affects everyone else around us. By improving ourselves, we also help to improve the lives of others.

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Degree of Thought

Citizenship Amendment Bill:An insight – Lily Chishi Swu, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Economics

Lily chishi Swu

Citizenship Amendment Bill that seeks to provide citizenship to non-muslim migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan has become a burning issue in India. There is a possibility that this Bill would likely bring unpleasant and complex demographic changes, especially in the northeastern part of the country. Though the Nagaland State Assembly has rejected the Bill, questions still remain if still the state will face its repercussions that threaten the social as well as cultural existence of the Nagas.

Citizenship Amendment Bill- An insight

The issue of illegal immigrants is of utmost concern in almost every region of the world. Immigration basically refers to individuals living permanently in a foreign country which may be legal or illegal. In India, according to citizenship Act 1955, an illegal immigrant is one, who enters India without a valid passport or forged documents or who stays beyond the visa permit. The issue of illegal immigration has always been a contentious and thorny area of concern for most of the North Eastern states in India. Continue reading →

Degree of Thought

Education and Gender Values – Mharhoni Yanthan, Assistant Professor, Department of History


Modern times have witnessed the growth of women in all spheres, especially in the field of education at an accelerating rate. But the question remains, can education break the gender stereotype? Education can become an important tool in bringing positive change in the society. Perhaps, women need to step out of their closet to
break the walls of stereotyping and inequality.

Education and Gender Values

The position of women in our society has evolved tremendously over the years with a steady decline in their status from the ancient to the medieval times through the promotion of equal rights by reformers. Today’s world can boast of women occupying positions at the highest office even to the extent of heading a country. This change in all male dominated and controlled society was made possible because of their embracement of education and their determination to break through the traditional walls of genderization and inequality. Such zeal opened the doors to new possibilities and greater heights of achievements.

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Degree of Thought

Sex Dynamism: A Case of India’s Sexual Revolution through the eyes of Ira Trivedi – Aniruddha Babar, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science


The book titled India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st century offers a deep sociological insight into the various aspects of marriage and sexuality in India in the current times as well as centuries back. It discusses everything from live in relationships to arranged marriages, mating habits and prostitution in India backing it all up with well researched facts. This short book review has been written in the context of dynamic sexual revolution that India has been witnessing.

Sex Dynamism: A Case of India’s Sexual Revolution through the eyes of Ira Trivedi

The debate which India is having on the marriage equality is a reminder that love and sex are considered as volatile subjects irrespective of culture. It is difficult to write about them in India, a country where no issue can escape from being entrapped into religious and social customs as well as transformative economic and technological change.

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Degree of thought

Dream big, Live high – CH Alan, BBA 2nd Semester

Degree of Thought

A new year offers a chance for a fresh start and an opportunity for change. As we usher in 2019 with optimism and vision of a better life, here are some thoughts through the lens of a college student on dreaming big, holding tight onto those dreams and making them a reality. Why settle for small dreams when you can dream big and accomplish those goals?

Dream big, Live high

All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. Every individual has the potential to dream big and the right to dream should not be denied by any means of political or human force. Dreaming big is not only about dreaming who you want to become or what you want to achieve, it is also about how you want to achieve that dream and how you can become the person you dream about. It is about having your dream figure out and embrace the challenges and achievements. Continue reading →