The Big Commerce Boom – Yonglemju,B. Com 4th semester

YouthNet has recently launched its Inter-collegiate entrepreneurship competition which provides a platform to students to have a hands on experience at running a business on a budget. We also have many bright young Nagas entering the field of entrepreneurship with a good number of business establishments ranging from merchandise stores to restaurants, e-commerce and franchises etc. Surprisingly, however, when it comes to choosing an education, statistics reveal that commerce has the lowest number of student enrollment as compared to the arts and science streams, not taking into account the number of drop-outs or deregistered students. While this does not imply that running a business or being an entrepreneur is entirely restricted to Commerce students, it is revelatory of the fact that there is plenty of scope for students to opt for Commerce as a subject of study with a booming market that awaits them. Yonglemju, a B.Com 4th Semester, writes about the importance of carefully choosing the right stream to study, while also highlighting the benefits of studying commerce.
Yonglemju,B. Com 4th semester
Choosing a subject and course to study can seem like a daunting task. There are so many choices to make that you may feel overwhelmed by it all. There is no one course which suits everyone. The best way to decide what you would like to study is to ask yourself.After 10th standard there are usually three streams that students always look for and these are Arts, science & commerce. It has been noticed that mostly the first division students plan to study science, seconddivision students opt for commerce and third division studentstake up arts as their subject because they don’t have any other option,and this is the fact which is happening in our state. It is not easy for the students to decide which course to study.
To choose a subject there must be a clear insight of what a subject is and an interpretation of the area of interest. Once one decides which stream to opt for, it is not easy to deregister from the stream as both time and moneyhave been invested in it. This is really important because many of the students just opt to study science because their friends are taking science or their parents force them to or they think that good job opportunities are only available to Engineers or Doctors.Eventually, they drop out in the first year and switch back to either arts or commerce stream. It is a waste of time and the parent’s money.If we look at the statistics, most of the students opt for other streams instead of commerce.. In 2014, there were 13,570 students who appeared HSSLC exam, out of which arts and science had9,870 and 2,550 students respectively. There were only 1,150 commerce students in Nagaland who appeared HSSLC exams which is very less in number as compared to arts and science enrolment. They may say science is better because itis avast stream but I think both are of different fields and there is no comparison between them. Almost 70% of the students go for Arts, Engineering, Computer science and Medicine. Commerce is different from that and if you can put your effort you can definitely have a good career, reputation and more over you will be pursuing that which is notcommon. There are also fields such as finance, marketing, management, taxation, international business. You can choose the field of your interest and build your career in it.
Commerce is a very important subject. It is all about understanding business or trade.It deals with studies of market, economics, fiscal policies, industrial policies and so on. The scope of commerce has become very wide, perhaps it has no boundaries at all, because it has crossed the boundaries of nations, and it has acquired International status. Scope of commerce includes the role played by trade and aids to trade, banks and insurance companies, transport and advertising agencies which have contributed to a large extent for widening the scope of commerce.
Today, I see many Engineers unemployed because they don’t have the technical knowledge to be employed. In fact, among the postgraduates waiting for jobs, the number of engineers was higher than that of postgraduates in the arts, science and commerce streams. Finding a job in a private company can be really tough for arts and science graduates. In comparison, having a commerce degree can easily land you a job if you have the skills that your employer is looking for.One can study commerce if you like to play with numbers and have an inclination towards finance, business, law, etc. A number of subjects can be studied under disciplines of commerce in conjugation like; accountancy, economics, statistics, mathematics, etc.Students who plan to have their own firm can go for commerce. Entrepreneurship is offered as part of the Bachelor of Commerce. This will provide you a sound understanding of how to start up your own business and help in building your career goals. Apart from that there are many options for a commerce student like Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS),Cost and Works Accountant (CWA) and these are the top degree courses.Commerce students can find career opportunities even in public services viz. Civil services, Indian economic services, Indian Statistical services,etc.
If you are someone who has practical business sense, better decision making and sound knowledge of economics and management, definitely go for it. It indicates that you have potential for pursuing a career in the field of commerce. However, it is not that easy either as it is a very complicated subject, which requires continuous studies. You can achieve something great only by taking things seriously and building a strong foundation. If you want to just enjoy your life I am sure you can do it even by taking commerce as your subject, but if you do not concentrate on it, you will somehow pass but ruin your career. So, think before taking any decision because your whole future depends on it.
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