Social Pollution: A Case of Naga Society – Zujanbeni M Lotha, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Naga society has been going through a magnitude of changes since the formation of Nagaland. In spite of having one’s own state within the constitutional fabric of India the problems of the Nagas have not been sorted out, but they have seen to be aggravated manifold. The society is infected by the viruses of, to name a few, corruption, failed governance, and tribalism. Common Naga is silently suffering in the hand of the state as well as one’s own destiny. Where is the hope then?


Social Pollution: A Case of Naga Society

It is a requirement of any social system to function unhindered for its sustenance which is not always favored. It is disturbed and stained with multifarious interests and the social scale which is out of balance. The ever-expanding human society is equally filled with various social pollutions from every corner, the reason being untamed human actions. When there is a high concern for the environment pollutions and its pollutants, not so often do we deliberate concerning the social ailments erupting and damaging our society. It is not only the physical environment that is polluted and damaged; the social environment is confronted with various deadly problems arising every now and then. Inspite of having different cause and effects singularly, social pollution and environment pollution could also be analyzed analogically while taking a fact into the consideration that the human unrest needs immediate attention and loopholes checked.

One’s action does not instantly become a social issue at once until it involves many people who are influenced by others. Individual’s behavior, minor or serious, if left unchecked turns to a habit which may cause hazards to the social world. Today we witness developmental lag in our society. Rapid individualism but slower societal development. Poor roads yet rich tall buildings are no less. Beyond the flooded rough path lie palatial houses. Social pollutants have been spreading across gender, class, age group, geography, travelling at a very high speed. We see high moral deprivation which resulted in the disorder of the order in the social dynamism. Seldom do we care or notice our poor neighbor, orphan and the needy. Though not everyone is a pollutant by nature and it is not an inherited trait, in course of time they are unconsciously influenced by lifestyles as we tend to live and interact only within the same social circles.
Countless invisible social evils are killing us silently, suffocating the inner state of a person, lessening the scope for ideal living. These are detrimental for any society’s growth, slowly weighing it down to a pit as much pressure is exerted on it. People are muddied in favoritism, blinded by preferences; while everyone is in a race and equally competing for a position. This fever makes an easy way for some and they are pleased with it. One’s rights and shares are snatched away by the fortunate others who rest on this. Hence, for the dedicated one, the realization of self cannot be achieved. When many positions in the service sector are occupied by incompetent, unskilled labors, we cannot expect a healthy society. In addition, jealousy co-exists with us. Interestingly, one’s inner evil is cemented by attractive appearance and sweet speeches.
To earn something we tend to barter our honesty. In haste, the moral values fail to take its course. It has been seen that many government sectors keep ghost employees, irresponsible workers mostly in rural areas which directly affects the remote dwellers to a great extent due to their innocence as well as ignorance. Cheating and deception, alien to us for a very long time are rotting in our soil. Innocent ordinary people are victimized by the smart tongues- in offices, in market and in any social place. Disrespect and disobedience are seen everywhere. Drunkenness and countless addictions have tarnished the beauty of our land. The dry state has high liquor consumers. Scores of issues are not presented publicly, which are experienced in different ways.
Social pollutants get easily pollinated in every human habitat by the active carriers wherever they go. Our land has many literates but uneducated people, not mindful of what we say and do. We are blessed with many intellectuals but fall short of ethics. Cries for rights and justice remained unheard. Fatty promises given to the people are seen to be disappearing with the passage of time. Therefore, the contradictions prevailing in the society needs to be addressed.
The Legal system is ineffective and non-protective in our place. The situation gets worse when some defaulters easily escape the social sanctions through secret business. Integrity is often traded for something in return. The existence of many factions in Armed Political groups as well as the issue of ‘tribalism’ denotes how disorganized our society is, moreover, multiple ineffective organizations and unions only exhibit the many social maladies. Upright and honest people are the most targeted ones, as evidenced by the state’s recent case. One has to please the corrupt representatives or lose one’s position. It is no offense to pull down anyone righteous.
Social transformation is repeatedly choked by the unruly human behavior, paralyzed by few elitist shared interests. The cause of the poor and destitute stands less defensive. It is a hard thought on how our present society will be read like in future. The meaning of life and individual as well as common happiness cannot compromise with the effects of social illness. The outcomes are what we see today – division, underdevelopment, human estrangement, lack of consensus, materialism, anonymity, which ultimately will bring death to our society.
The challenge we take today in being a little more honest, giving and sharing; the love we extend can balance the social habitat and not keep vengeance in wait to those who harm us. The power to demolish the social calamities is within us. No particular group or class is absolutely accountable; it is the responsibility of every individual. There is always a scope for a better situation if we are desirous of good values as we have the potential of achieving anything constructive.
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