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A chief minister has his cabinet members to give advice and direction. A church pastor has the deacon board members for the same. Children have parents and teachers. Everyone needs counsel and advice. But these counselors and well meaning bodies can only give advice when one takes a decision on the goal that one wants to achieve. 
Do you know what you want?

Right Goal, Right Preparation

Recently, I asked my B.A 2nd Semester students why they took up  History honours, instead of opting for a different honours. Many responded for competitive exams. I was happy to know that they have a goal in mind, but I also wondered how much time and effort they are actually putting in to achieve their goal. I realized that they probably may not even know how to start their preparation, and began to question why this problem should arise. Are we as teachers, parents, elders, to be blamed for not offering the proper guidance?

Right after declaration of the HSLC and HSSLC results, the following week local newspapers are always usually filled with advertisements of various institutes for admission. Students have to take the difficult decision of choosing which institute they would like to spend the next few years of their academic life. This is where parent and teacher counsel becomes most crucial in helping a child to shape their future, but counsel in the right way.
To choose the right institute one should have knowledge of not only the various academic streams on offer but also look at additional courses, if any, offered by the institute such as computer, music, English proficiency course etc. These add-on courses can help develop other skill sets that might come in handy in future in the professional world.
Along with the rise in human population, the literacy rate is also increasing tremendously. This has resulted in the unemployment crisis across our country, its daily rise becoming a threat even to our economy. As we all know in order to survive, we have to work for our stomach. Even the Bible says work and eat and not eat and work.
So what must we do?! For teachers, it is necessary to do our jobs with faithfulness and a sense of responsibility towards our students. At the same time, we should not forget the crucial role students also play in enabling teachers to carry out their responsibility effectively.
Students need to ask themselves a few basic questions: What do you really want to become? In this competitive world, when should you start working hard? Whom should you depend on? Whom should you go to for advice about your future career? The answers to all these depend on whether you decide to act on it or not.
Look within yourself and try to discover what exactly is your passion. Are you perplexed about your career? How did you reach a decision to pursue your career choice? Your friend wants to become a doctor so you also took up science, or your parents pressured you to appear competitive exams so you are following their dreams. Does this sound familiar?
God gifted each and every one of us with different, amazing talents. Why not utilize it correctly. It is true that our society is still guided by the pressure of our parents, family members or relatives. No doubt, they are experienced people yet it is also a fact that they may not know exactly what you could become by the time you become mature and responsible, because ultimately, the outcome rests on you alone – on how hard you choose to work, how passionate you are about your job or how much you are willing to sacrifice to accomplish your goals.
One of the problems of educated unemployment is that for many, it is only after completion of studies one realizes what exactly one wants to be. So, for all the current students in schools, colleges and universities today, when you still have some time left to decide your future, now is the time to experiment. Recently, many students have passed the HSCL and HSSLC exams. Among them, I wonder how many have chosen the right path and how many are still at the crossroad. Regardless, remember all of you still have an opportunity in your hand and that wise decision and hard work will together help prepare you to take hold of the larger opportunities that lie ahead. The earlier you become a successful person, the more advantageous it is for you. Today, we look upon successful people like a star. Bear in mind that like you, they also attended nursery or beginner class where learning began with the ABC’s of writing and speaking. Likewise, if you have a goal, there’s no royal way to start but with humble or simple beginnings. If you don’t have a concrete goal yet, don’t worry, but start exploring your passions now.
Having a positive attitude is another quality required to achieve a goal. Obstacles are a part of life. Do not allow disappointment to overcome your goal. Instead, tell yourself “you can do it”. Remember, if you stop moving ahead, you are underestimating yourself. A winner never gives in to failure. Another crucial factor is time utilization. While making preparations for your future, every single second counts. As the saying goes, “Time and tide wait for no man.”  I have been told that the reason behind the successful UPSC Naga candidates is that they make the best value of time. Of course, they also take time out for leisure, yet they keep their limits. Moreover, they remain faithful to their commitments.
A lesson we can learn from is the story of Thomas Alva Edison, the man who invented the electric bulb. He was a drop-out, but his hard work and passion brought him success. Like him there are many others too. This does not mean dropping-out is an option, but the lesson to be taken from this is that success comes only through your own passion and hard work. While you may not necessarily be a topper in your class, staying focused, diligent and earnest to your passions will open doors of opportunity to those who deserve it. Reaching a goal is not easy but winning is worth the elation.

Edited by Hewasa Lorin, Director Student Services
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