One Life: Live, love & Value it!! – Earlitha M Sangma, Assistant professor, Department of Education

Life as we know it is a journey. Every day we are faced with something new and exciting. But sometimes we tend to ignore this and that is when we find our life dull and monotonous. All human beings are gifted with a unique set of life which everyone has to cherish and respect. The writer here talks about how precious each of our life is and how challenges and hurdles in life can mould and lead us for the greatest moments of our lives. 

One Life: Live, love & Value it!!

Life is not about merely knowing that your heart beats; nor it is about knowing how your heart pumps blood into your body; Life is much more than that. It is a proof of self existence which is inestimable. Life is the most precious gift ever. Many a time we take our life for granted and we end up treating life as a cheap commodity; and this happens because we do not value life. Learn valuing it!

Every aspect of our life has values. In fact, values permeated the whole of human beings and are a major factor in deciding what sort of human being we are.  As humans we assign a lot of values to too many things, but we should never forget that life should remain the most valuable thing that we have. Valuing your life keeps you at best which helps you lead a good and a purposeful life. Do not take life for granted, for you do not know what lies ahead. Life presents us with many challenges but it doesn’t mean that our value towards life should fade away. Hardest times often lead us to the greatest moments of our lives. To taste success, you are always faced with temporary defeat.  You may not be able to change the situation that caused your stress, but you can change your reaction towards the problem or the cause.

Each individual has its own perspective on how they want their life to be and how they want to live. Therefore it is important that we know how we should live our life. There is no human being who has faced only one phase of life. In fact, most of us have experienced struggles, failures and sufferings apart from the moments of joy, pleasure and success. We do experience many hard times coming along   our way. But it does not mean that they will remain forever. Problems and difficulties in life are opportunities in disguise. Difficulties test the courage, patience, perseverance and true character of a human being. We are all exposed to life, and likewise both good and bad things happen to all of us. However, our ability to successfully work through these things will determine the quality of the lives we live. So what would you prefer? Making life exciting, adventurous and cheerful or to lead a dull, boring and meaningless life. The decision and choice is yours. Remember that going over your regrets will not change what has happened; it will only bother your present happiness. It’s best to amend and try to learn from your past mistakes or failures; and instead of contemplating upon it, devote your energy to create a life that you love. Learn to live your live regardless of circumstances.

Life is a blender of emotions, a composite of glee, bliss, ecstasy, beatitude, blessedness, and delectation; as well as, depression, gloomy, misery, pain and sorrow. All we need to do is, give life a chance. Never take spineless decisions to wrap things up for you may remorse later.  Time is a master player and it fixes and permutes situations in its own time. Life is ultimately what you make of it and therefore we must learn to enjoy life in its simplicity with the natural beauty and emotions.

One of the biggest assets in life is love. However to love your life you need to appreciate the little things that makes you happy in life instead of dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. Life is very fragile and hence when we wake up every day, we must learn to make it the best day possible.. It is important that you love your life and this will generally make you happy. In order to start loving your life, make a conscious effort to think more positively in day to day life situations. We should always take a note of it that we may not be able to change the situation or the problem but one thing we can do is to change our reaction towards it. Rather than concentrating on the comparisons with all your perceived faults, try reminding oneself of all your good qualities, success and achievements you may or you have accomplished and learn to appreciate the unique you. Learn to love and care for yourself for who you are and where you’re at. This is the most important thing in living a happy life. Remember how wonderful you are and all of the things that you can or have accomplished.

Life is the gift from God and it is too precious to be taken for granted. Each one of us is created with a unique identity and with a purpose in life. Life is a continuous journey and you can achieve more in life by adoring it. Therefore, live your life with love for love is a wonderful feeling which leaves you cheerful and lively. Love the life you live and live the life you love, for it is all you need to understand how valuable your life is.

Therefore, I would like to conclude by saying- Live, Love, and value your life for you’ve got one life to live. Make it worth!
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