Make Room for Women-Naomi Aye, B.A. 6th Semester, Department of English

(image: a few of the worlds most powerful women)

heartfelt article on the position of woman in the world today, Naomi Aye, a B.A. 6th 

Semester English Honours student invites readers to respond to the urgent need for 

sensitizing the public on respecting the women of the world.    

Make Room for Women

Who is she? Why is she always the victim? Why does she alone have to bear everything? Is it because she is a woman? You can’t do that, or do this because ‘you are a girl’. This is the mindset of the people. We don’t want to acknowledge the fact that women are an equal being. She is the one who bore, molded and guided you and me to maturity. Without her, no life would have been possible. When she plays a crucial role why does she need to go through thorns and nails? Why does her exceeding care and unconditional love go unnoticed? She never lost to atrocious days because you were her hope; she did everything to mend you to be the finest; but sadly, what does she get in return? Endless, unlimited crimes upon her; how can any human be so heartless? She is made not of metal; her flesh bears your bruises but it does hardly matter to anyone. People just let the world go on with ruinous crimes on her; all they do is act as mere spectators. This is because of our mindset that consider women as inferior and weak. In fact, such feelings have become a culture especially in a patriarchal society like Nagaland.

God did not create women to be inferior, nor did He create them to live in fear.  Who are we then to decide or judge who is inferior and who is not? Who are we to infuse the feeling of fear on her? A man commits crime against a woman; yet ‘She’ is the one to be blamed. Why is a victim always guilty? Is it because she is a woman? I have come across many men folk who said that a girl is raped because of the way she dresses. If it is the sense of her dressing then why are the women in purdahs still being raped? And if you blame her for going out at night, do not forget that she is still being raped in her own house. Where in the world is a place safe for her?  A woman has an equal right to raise her voice just as any man. Do not ask her to keep mum. She doesn’t need to bear all the atrocities just for being a woman. They are the ones going through the ugly things of life. Why then does the world still need to point at her? When you are biased let this thought hit you that ‘She’ is the one who gave life to you.

It makes one cringe when flipping through the pages of the newspaper. Brutal crime on women all over the world has become something that is happening every now and then. The only response to this is a sigh of pity and then followed by the blame, where the victim becomes guilty.  Law itself is loose and flexible when it comes to women victims. The system never improves because ‘She’ is always the victim. Things will get better only when each individual decides and changes their acts and mindset for real. A woman lives in fear each day – at dark, at daylight and at any moment. Every place seems unsafe for her. Where do you think ‘she’ should go? Where should ‘she’ seek peace when the entire world is stoning her with crimes and humiliation? She is an equal being so then why can’t there be an equal treatment towards her?

The biased view of the world has gone to the extent that it has even changed the mentality of women towards their own self. She now takes crime on her as something inevitable. She is also made to feel weak and valueless. She now feels that nothing is going to change and that no one is going to hear her cry. She sheds her tears in vain. One undeniable fact is that ‘she’ is a priceless being and yet the world needs her desperately. She is an inspiration and a role model to many. She breaded you and yet her own breed betrays her. Nothing seems fair when it comes to women. Women were confined from the very beginning. She was expected to work within the four walls of the house. It takes a life for her to walk the street alone. She faces eve teasing, molestation, faces an assault, rape, murder, etc.  I have a feeling of fear that women will once again be confined. In myriad ways, she is threatened from leading a normal life. In fact, her life has become hideous. All these can be done away with if you have the will to change the world for better, simply by changing our attitude and mindset towards her.

A woman can be faithful and trustworthy in the form of a mother and a sister who will hold you till the end. When everything fails you, you will still find her by your side.  As a wife she shares all your ups and downs of life keeping her vows.  As a daughter she obeys, respects and returns your love. No matter what, she tries to stand to your instructions. Despite knowing all these, yet we still deny our acts of discrimination. Realization comes from pondering, yet we hardly do so. If your mind is set against her, nothing will ever change what is happening towards her. She, scalding her tear, is pleading for a safer world. ‘She’ says just a scanty is enough if you promise her a safe world. We people need to hear her cry.

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  1. Brilliant points. Womens are discriminated everywhere. How stereotyped a man is, he with no less have the right to rape a women even if she roam naked. This is an undeniable truth. However, there is also equally no gurantee that a women wont be raped for his exposing dress ups. women is also a part of mankind, men should realise his other wing.


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