IF I GOVERN NAGALAND – Iziedile (Class 11 Commerce):Winner – Ningtoulung Gangmei (BBA 1st semester) :Runners up


Here’s what the winners of the oratory competition held on 15th September at Summer Fest 2018 had to say.

Iziedile (Class 11 Commerce) – Winner

According to Public Affairs Index 2018 released by Public Affairs Centre, Nagaland is among one of the worst governed states in India. And according to Ease of Living Index recently released by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, our state capital Kohima is the second most unliveable city in India. So, if I rule Nagaland I would surely have many responsibilities on my shoulders. Being one of the worst governed states, I will have to work on almost every issue that constitutes governing, but today I would like to discuss on a few key points that I think should be worked on first if Nagaland is to get back on track.

My first focus will be education because education is the most powerful weapon to eradicate all social evils. I will see to it that funds are properly channelized to build proper infrastructure and that all government institutions provide quality education. I will set up proper mechanism, to check the workings of all government institutions in the state. I will also make sure that more engineering and medical colleges and other colleges that provide professional courses are set up.

My second focus will be on roads. Roads make a crucial contribution to the economic development and growth. If I am to provide access to employment, social services, health services and educational services, I will see to it that Nagaland has proper roads to connect our towns within every nook and corner of the state. The road condition of Nagaland is famed for its poor quality and sometimes, we see no roads at all. I will make sure that quality roads are constructed in every district, in every town and in every village.

Another burning topic I will focus on if I rule Nagaland will be the unemployment issue. According to the department of Labour and Employment, there are more than 70,000 unemployed youths in the state. First off, I will educate the youths that “employment” does not necessarily mean getting a government job. Hundreds of private establishments, organizations and businesses provide job opportunities every now and then. I will encourage my youths to grab such opportunities. In recent times, a number of local entrepreneurs like Kapraa, Mom and I Cafe, Liying clothing etc have mushroomed around the state. I will encourage more such activities by launching schemes to provide loans to deserving entrepreneurs.

Also, in line with skill India, I will set up skill training centres so our youths can earn their livelihood with their skill and become self-sufficient. Then, I will see to it that competitive exams are conducted in free and fair manner and that results are merit based.

In recent times, corruption has become a norm and it is deep rooted in the society. I will work hard to eradicate corruption. It will be a herculean task but I will give my best because corruption is the root cause of all evil. I will see to it that the state administration, the public offices and all government departments work efficiently and with transparency. I will also see to it that schemes for the poor are properly channelized and that they reach the targeted public. My government will be a reliable government, a government synonymous with trust.

Ningtoulung Gangmei (BBA 1st semester) – Runners up

If I rule Nagaland I would say to my people that I’m sorry! I don’t want to be a ruler; I want to be a leader. Many have already ruled and still we can hear the tears from every single corner of our state. But I want to lead you all to a new vision of humanity where our opinions will be considered and we will be accepted without any discrimination. If I’m given the privilege to be the leader of our state, I would say to my people that the time for the healing of the wounds has come. The moment to bridge the chasm that divides us has come. The time to build is upon us. We are late but not too late to make it back into the government for the people and into a simple democratic state.

We all want to help each other, human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness not by each other miseries. But we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned our souls and has barricaded with hate. We are the victims of a system that makes men torture, the politicians who uses profit above people and greed above need.

Our leaders’ imaginations are higher than the Everest, but their words are as smelly as the smelliest dishes and not in taste. More than the machinery we need humanity, more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness; for without these qualities life will be violent.

If I lead the state, everyone would have a home. People should feel safe living in their own home and no one would be forced to flee from their own state in search of refuge. There are lots of children who walk around the state just for a piece of food while some are searching for a piece of place to waste! All these problems matters to me. Also, if there is a senior citizen somewhere in our state who can’t pay their bills and lying in the hospital bed, it will only make my life poorer because I’m my brother’s keeper and I’m my sister’s keeper which will make our state work.

Why are we in the same crumpled page for these long years? Wake up Nagaland!! Our state is desperately starving for a leader who can be a wakeup call for our state, a leader that people can count on. And, I believe that I can be that turning point for our state.

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