From Literature to Globalization – K. Musom Khiamniungan, 3rd Semester, English Honors

We may be a Naga, an assamese, an Indian or an American. Regardless of our nationality we are all connected by the very fact that we are all human.  Likewise, diverse areas like literature, creativity, career, peace and globalization are also linked directly and indirectly. Some student studying literature may wonder how reading dickens may influence society and bring peace. The student below tells us how literature can affect minds and ultimately society. 

From Literature to Globalization

All things have a connection to one another. They are either linked directly or indirectly creating a type of network. Such as the human body that consists of various organs that are connected directly or indirectly through other organs. This connection or link in the human body allows a person to function in an orderly and normal manner.All these organs have their own role to play, fulfilling the body activities and needs of an individual. Likewise, literature, creativity, career, peace and globalization are all linked to one another directly or indirectly. We cannot deny the fact that their existence is like a spider’s web. The outcome of one is the product of the other. Just as a spider’s web is connected, built in a systematic manner, literature, creativity, career, peace and globalization are also linked though not systematically.

Literature is any form of written work and can consist of poetry, prose, drama, and short stories. Through poetry, prose, drama, and short stories, literature can be an instrument to pass on culture, customs, beliefs and traditions. For instance, Charles Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’ is a novel where the picture of society is depicted. He talks about the degradation of society, about corruption, exploitation of the lower class people. The novel gives us a true picture of the society during the Victorian era. Likewise,even Romantic writers like Jane Austen depicted the society of the Romantic era through herworks.Various works of literature can depict or depicts society of that era.

In order to create literature, one cannot simply dip the pen in the ink-pot and write. One needs creativity, a strong imaginative power and skill to paint down the ideas into literature. Creativity in the minds of the people has allowed them to achieve things in life.  Creativity can be seen in many early writers like William Shakespeare, John Keats, William Wordsworth, Geoffrey Chaucer, Christopher Marlow, and modern writers like Jane Austen, Charles Dickens andothers. All these people created work in such a way that their works influenced people. Their influence did not stop just in the minds of the people. Infact, their works created a whole new idea changing the face of society.

Creativity is the ability to be imaginative, to come up with something new; it can either be of ideas or inventions. Anyone can try to write but only a creative person can create a literary work that has life. A person’s creativity can make one’s work come to life. Though not real, there is a feeling and presence of life. Creative minds, thus, brings new ideas and concepts, and with these ideas and concepts, a new being is born. Thus, creativity is a means to create literature that can influence people and bring about change. A creative man who propagates that woman should not go to college would not be appreciated even from the wildest nomads of all but if he uses his creative literature for promoting and protecting human ideals (i.e. peace), then every individual will appreciate his work irrespective of his political or territorial unit.

It can be said that the most creative person is the one who has the strongest imaginative power and this strong imaginative power can enable a person to create a career for oneself.Career is what one pursues to make a living out of it.  One cannot pursue a career in which he has no talent or creativity. Thus, creativity in an individual enables and allows him to paint down the ideas that he has in mind into works of literature. When these ideas and concepts are painted down into literary works, we cannot deny that one cannot make a career out of it. Many writers, both professional and unprofessional  make a living out of it.

Literature has played a major role in the spread of peace, through the ages. Various writers have contributed to society through their works on peaceful existence. Great man like Gandhiji had been inspired by writers like Tolstoy and David Thoreau to promote non-violence through which India achieved its independence. Globalization is an end because no writer wants to confine his work to himself. Literature, creativity, career, peace and globalization are thus inter-related though not systematically. A person writes a piece of literature through his creative mind and thus he is a good writer by career. Career is nothing but prolonged pursuing and building one’s occupation for sustenance. This piece of literature conceptualized a means of peace which simply means absence of war, where security, law and order prevail, and if this conceptualization of peace is successfully implanted in the present war-torn area, then this globalization and the relationship between the five terms are well established.

Every man of literature wants his work to be usefuland progressive for humanity. Easterine Kire, Temsula Ao and other writers from our Naga society has contributed to society in numerous ways through their works making the world a global village. Their literary work has connected us and the world making it seem like a tiny world.

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