Dear Mothers – Ponglem Konyak, B.A. 4th Semester (English Honours)

With Mothers day just around the corner, we take a moment  this week to reflect on the importance of mother’s in our lives.  Ponglem Konyak, a 4th Semester student reflects on a mother’s  love and expresses her gratitude to her mom.

Dear Mothers

The whole world will be celebrating Mother’s day on 11th May 2014, a very special day for all the mothers on earth. It is a time for each and every one of us to thank our sweet loving mother for their unconditional love, their care, sacrifices made and comforts they have given us. It is a day to honour and appreciate our dear mothers.

Mothers, you are all amazing.  What a great inspiration you are to us. What we are today is all because of you. Mothers are great magicians, our teachers, our doctors and our angels on earth.
As we celebrate Mother’s day this year, let’s make this day count for what it is. Let us honour our mothers with what they deserve. Mother’s only want our sincere love, care and happiness. We never know when our last day on earth will be so let us not miss this chance to say thank you to our mothers. Let her know how much you love her and how much she means to you.
Words can never express how much my mom means to me. Thousands of ‘thank you’s’ will not be enough to thank her for the sacrifices she has made.  I would like to thank her for all that she has done, for giving me a life worth living. I am so fortunate to have her as my mother and also thankful to God for this precious life.
Dear mom,
Thinking back, from the very start you took care of me both before and after my birth. I still remember how you taught me the alphabets, the simple mathematics and giving your all to teach me the 3Rs. You would sing nursery rhymes and devotional songs to me and every day, you would accompany me to school, carrying my heavy bag on your back and holding my hands. It is only now I realise that you had to leave behind all the household work and wait for me until school got over. I still remember how we used to sit together and you would feed me during lunch break.  Gradually, as I grew up, you taught me to be kind, you made me feel what love actually means, taught me to be a responsible girl and also taught me to respect everyone. You let me see the world through your eyes. I am ever grateful to you because of all these. Thank you mom for being there to listen to every stupid thing I share with you. Though it does not even make any sense to you sometimes, yet, you still listen to my story patiently.
Thank you for correcting my every mistake, and leading and guiding me to the righteous path. All the values I have learnt are your precious gift to me.
Since childhood I was sickly and weak, but you were always there to take care of me. All those sleepless nights and watching over me has made me who I am today. Thank you mom for giving me new life. You are my saviour and my angel and I owe you a lot.
During my exams you would be so nervous and frightened, even more than me. It was funny sometimes to see you so stressed about my exams. My examination was like your examination. You would bring me tea and snacks so that I could keep my mind fresh and study well. I know you  have high expectations on me, and I will try my best to reach your expectations, but if someday I ever fail to do so than do forgive me but know that I have always tried to make you proud and I will continue to do that.
Thank you mom, for being my best friend. I can trust you blindly, share all my happiness and worries with you. You understand me best and you make my dark days turn bright and happy.
There is a quote that says, “The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness”. You justify that so well. You have always forgiven me for my every fault. I know I did so many things which were not right. I know sometimes I made you sad, disobeyed you, hurt you with my actions and words. Sometimes I forget the things you did for me, but despite all these you still accepted me and gave all your love and most of all you pardoned me for every little mistake I made. I cannot tell you how great you are. You hold the most special place in my heart dear mom.
You encouraged me in everything, gave me hope and made me believe in myself. Thank you for believing in me and being there for me all the time. You hold me with your love and comfort me during my hardest time. It is said that ‘A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity; it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path’. I know even when the whole world stands against me; you will still take my side and will always protect me. Like a tree that gives shade, comfort and shelter, you will always hold me dear with the warmth of your divine love.
I have seen you living a hard life, overcoming sickness and hardships, but you still kept quite without complaining. Though broken and worried inside you manage to put a smile on your face. You would smile when you see us happy but when we are in pain your heart aches. They say that no mother can see her child in pain. And I can testify to that first hand when I saw the same pain in your eyes when I was in pain.
Life has been so cruel on you sometimes. You have faced hardships, but as a mother you never gave up on anything to raise me. As the saying goes, “God could not be everywhere and so He created mothers”. This is so true; you are the true angel sent by God to look after me. You renounced all your comfort and your dreams in the quest of taking care of your family.
Thank you for everything. I love you mom.
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